bulletSMAuto-Price Calculation
bulletSMEmail & Print Orders
bulletSMCustom Billing Periods
bulletSMWeb-Driven Administration
bulletSMIntelligent Cache
bulletSMMulti-Page Purchase Process
bulletSMLogging & Security
bulletSMDomain Registration via API
bulletSMUbersmith cPanel Integration
bulletSMUbersmith Coupon Support
bulletSMExtended Customization
bulletSMPop-up Tooltips
bulletSMSELECT or RADIO Options
bulletSMCustomize Live Chat Links
bulletSMCustom Post-Order Scripts

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What is ServiceCart?

ServiceCart is an enhanced shopping cart for companies using Ubersmith. It is a complete replacement for Ubersmith's built-in order forms. It provides an enhanced shopping cart for your website and offers a number of additional features not provided with Ubersmith's order forms. It uses HTML templates and has extensive customization options. A full list of features are shown on the left. The overview page has further information.

Videos of ServiceCart can be found on our Video Guides page.

Recently Added Features to ServiceCart v3.1

  • Redesigned Web-based Administration Page (screenshots)
  • ServiceCart PHP-Based Installer
  • Added Quantity Support
  • Domain Searching & cPanel Integration
  • Per-Service Plan Input Field Customization
  • Added multiple sets of buttons